ASMR FAMILIA is a woman-owned and family operated small business selling handmade gym chalk reforms, dyed gym chalk, and ASMR merch and apparel.

After 4 years of making Gym Chalk ASMR videos, we're excited to finally launch a website that is dedicated to sharing our love of ASMR with the world.

Here on ASMR FAMILIA we intend to create a line merch and apparel that not only shares our namesake, but goes much deeper than that.

ASMR is a genre that has been long misunderstood, especially after becoming a viral trend. But it is also a vast genre that so many people enjoy without even realizing it.

Whether it's cooking, power washing, car detailing, rain sounds, crinkling leaves, ocean waves, or even the act of peeling the fresh plastic off of a new cell phone (lol), you've probably enjoyed ASMR many times without even realizing it.

This shop exists as a way to bridge the gap between viral ASMR and the ASMR enthusiast who wants to try ASMR at home. Our hope is that you'll try some of our products and discover what ASMR is all about!

Take a look at the collections below to get started. Happy shopping! 👏